Friday, October 31, 2008

the last few days i've been thinking about poor ben, i spoke to his dad and was informed the situation is still critical but the drs are going to attempt to bring him out of the coma. it was a difficult conversation, i mean i am a father and there's a connection. the guys that committed this act are free, they got away. the police whom i loathe at the moment are to busy busting people for driving without the correct stickers on their car.
it's just unbelievable.
another mix of testosterone and alcohol gone wrong, sometimes i think they should ban both.

after much fiddling and twisting dials, pushing sliders and buttons and various buttons i managed to get my mixing desk, the big new one working and recording sound through the mic into the sound software. this is a huge step for me being so technically challenged, next step is to hook up the chaos machine. i think i have enough ideas for the next cd, some half sketched others remain in my head and need taking form, its a strange process and i'm leaning more towards a band now than solo, although val is kinda like a band in himself.

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