Monday, October 27, 2008

driving home, beautiful morning, its about 8am and i turn into the main street that leads uphill to the parkway. immediately i know i have made a mistake, i'm stuck behind a big truck that's travelling like a snail. then at the top of the road a long traffic jam and then as i turn onto the parkway a lovely stretch of road in front i pass a police car who must have done a very fast u turn because next thing i know he is behind me siren blaring. i pull over and he gets out the car, i'm already outside wondering what i've done wrong. he's a huge bloke, trussed up with his gun and visors. he tells me my reg is outta date, fines me $500 and tells me how lucky i am as he could have charged me $1500.
to which i reply, man its ironic that my very wage which i contribute tax pays your wage and keeps you employed, and given that you make more money from innocent tax payers by fining them for minor infringements that is a matter of criminality itself. the fact that you can't even give a days grace is absurd.
thats the law he says looking like he just wants to tazer me.
then the law is an ass i say.
i've always wanted to say that. i can't help it.
i've never lived in a country or state where there are so many regulations and rules, i can't believe how controlled everything is, how many fines there are and how the government always wins. in my head i imagine me discovering some common law notice that allows me to sue the govt. imagine that, i'd be assassinated or worse fined.

i run around in the sun attempting to sort out my rego, when i could be surfing, its such a waste of time.

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