Saturday, October 25, 2008

im halfway through all sorts of things, i feel my head slip and slide around, mind unfocused everytime i miss my yoga classes, enjoyed a dinner in newt town with val and olga and my son jake came along to join us. we heard stories about their travels across europe on a big motorbike. vals like the nexus for all events important, it's like the classic heroes journey, starting of without knowing anything about what's happening as the story starts to unfold around him. galactic events seem to attract themselves towards val, he is connected to everything. the more time i spend with him the more i see that. even ayahuscia plays a role. obscurity and esoteric meaning collide together in a particle accelerator that whirls around his mind.
i'm very stuck on writing a bio, how would i describe myself, an anomaly, a freakazoid, overweight underachiever, just another lost angel, plant emissionary, father, pychonaught, dream enthusiast and sci fi aficionado, accidental musician, jeez it's really hard to do this without sounding like a wanker.

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