Friday, October 24, 2008

for a brain damaged reclusive eccentric and shy kinda individual i have had a busy week, socially filled with weird and wonderful events and interesting developments.

windswept and rain soaked wednesday night i picked up my son and we drove into newt town to look at bookshops. strangely he is a mini me, a passion for books and reading, we are different in some ways he's unusually creative and socially cultivated for a 20 year old whereas i'm just a shy introvert. anyways being very stylish he went of to look at clothes and things, i went to meet val and olga who were back from their motor bike trip around europe. they both look great, europe obviously suited them. stories were exchanged, drinks drunk, jake joined us laiden with three pairs of shoes. we eat at strange italian place, great food, great company. val seems to be the nexus, everything happens around him, he brings things together and creates something from them. me i feel slightly out of place with all these musicians, they have the talent, me i have a good imagination, that's about it.

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