Saturday, October 11, 2008

the difficult second album
strangely enough this feels like my first as the recording of adventures was done in trance states due to my brain damage and loss of the girl i was in love with. so here we are full circle, ready to start thinking about the next one.
what's happened in the meantime regarding my thoughts towards the music is a number of clarifying things.
i'm in tune with intelligence beyond my own, my muse is sending me information. sometimes it comes in plant form sometimes dreams sometimes just after deep meditative states. the information is strange and mystical yet ties in with a lot of stuff happening that links all things. for example. my muse instructs me to make trance dimensional pop music.
my own intellect leads me to the conclusion there is only one dimension, all others are in it, and this one dimension is god.
my experience tells me that my consciousness along with a few others has opened and expanded to embrace the current change in earth kundalini. the energy's here are cosmic. there is a planetary alignment happening soon, possibly in 2012 it's self but i am getting information from my intuitive self that things will happen on the 11th of november 2012.
i feel the earth in communication. i hear the whispers of it's guardians, i connect more with the call than anything else. its pulling me towards trans dimensional pop. i have residual songs from the last session that i need to let go off. Maybe an ep.
The second CD will be known as 'esoterotica' it will be warmer, more tropical and sexy, with thematic sexual and sensual overtones. Already one song is halfway recorded. The others are just forming in another world. I am drawn towards the tibetan bowls as my instrument of choice. the soft vibration of their sound powerful and ancient is the sound that transcends dimensions. its the calling sound, of union, it's gods front door bell. my cd will start with that sound. i feel we will journey through the ancient to the modern or all things will converge. this is the information i have gleaned over the last few months.

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