Monday, October 13, 2008

sometimes i can see myself in a robe, in a temple setting, dark yet warm, somewhere tropical with a breeze that blows through like clockwork when the sun sets. i have some people sit around me and we drink some weird tea, later i strike the bowls, a tone rings out and everyone settles into a nice quiet calm.
meditation is the process where by we focus on the breath as an object and allow our minds to come to a rest. for it is our minds that are the cause of all suffering. we pay to much heed to the thoughts that drift through, often attaching more significance than is necessary. while focusing on the breath, a whole bunch of stuff floats by, you let them go, don't cling to anything, just let it pass and eventually still the mind. in this space exists the void. reaching the void is the same state as being in an isolation chamber for a few hours. after the thinking stops, something else kicks in, a nothingness, the void. even time is obliterated and in this state, out brain can be changed, rewired and updated. but getting to that state requires commitment and hard work.
i see us all, my tribe who sit before me, having practised and practised for many years we can now almost instantaneously reach the void.
within the void we have work to do.

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