Saturday, June 21, 2008

stepped into a teepee for post full moon day with the high priestess, experienced major flashbacks, memories flooding my neural network, it was quite emotional, i felt home, totally comfortable within the structure, warmed by the fire safe and dry from the elements, very cool experience. was introduced the the musical instrument called the 'hung' shaped like a flying saucer, invented by to swizz quantum physicists, sounding like a steel drum kinda tom tom, glockenspiel, it was beautiful to listen to.
slipped into the city late last night, to see barry adamson playing at the factory in enmore. freaking brilliant, funky, sexy black magick voodoo had the place pulsing. interestingly i bumped into adamson's daughter, nice girl.

well all's good in the kingdom, i have a fantastic song written, my last tune from meredith muse squeezed out just before i get an e mail saying 'why can't we be friends'
i didn't respond due to immobilization and some sort of weird grip like vice, mr freeze zapped me. i can't move.
anyway i'm moving forwards, heading where i need to be, i have my mistress, she's true and loves me and just because she is a plant does not deter the fact i love her.


Anonymous said...

well i love plants too. i've been trying to get to know a Ms Acacia Podalyriifolia but so far no real luck. Any advice on how to unlock her charms? Is she worth the effort or should i be chatting to another of her golden haired sisters? if so which one?

captain mission said...

hi there. the process of extraction is pretty much available from good websites but to be honest your better of enjoying the ayahuscia experience, dmt being the active ingredient, ayahuscia is the intelligence behind the information. acacia will present you with information but aya will introduce you to where it comes from. that's my thoughts.
having said that aya is very hard to get hold off, and generally presents itself to you when it choses whereas dmt is found everywhere but needs extracting. i once smoked some acacia with passionflower as the inhibitor, very nice, very fast, very weird. check out for some further info. its quite a good site although there's a few silly posts. the standard is high and all the information you need is there. otherwise get back to me and i'll see if i can research what you need to know. good for you plant friend tanks for your post :)