Tuesday, June 03, 2008

here's me cleaning out my fridge, lots of strange herbs spices and condiments, i put everything in my fridge. i've stocked up on stuff, making soups and broths and attempting to fortify myself against the winter and the rain, always back to the rain. some friends return from overseas so we are having breakfast, but its not so interesting, middle aged men cynical and somewhat defeated, spending cash on abstract peripherals as they wait for death. im thinking a lot about death, the idea of designing messages about death, making death fashionable.

imagine a t shirt that says
'a man who fears death is a man already dead'
or a sexy image of a porn star with a scythe and the message
'don't fear the reaper'
there's a lot of fuss in sydney at the moment over some photographer who took some pictures of naked young people, some say ts pornography, some say its art. its amazing that this sort of stuff is getting attension, it would never happen in europe where they would be able to differentiate the intent between porn and art.i recall a few years ago a gallery exhibited a sculpture of the prime minister of israel with an axe in his head and the message of celebration, i wrote a letter to my mp saying surely this is offensive to some one. The minister said nope, 'its art.'

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