Monday, June 02, 2008

so im walking through the markets in glebe with my wealthy friend who likes to buy elaborate and expensive things, antiques and strange english things from ye olde days. anyway he decides to buy a plant for is garden and im pointing out the wonderful aloe vera plant when suddenly i see it move, actually its a huge preying mantis, it's about the size of my palm and its moving fast. the market holder came and removed the mantis onto another plant, and i told him i had a dream about a giant preying mantis but he didn't seem that interested.
anyways i figure i may have to buy a aloe vera myself.

later that afternoon i met a clairvoyant lady. my friend bought a shit load of her stuff as she chatted about her powers and some of the things she had done, i stood and listened. then she looked at me and said, 'you are very feminine, you are very sensitive.'
i had to agree.

went to see the german film the counterfeiters last night, its very good. bit brutal but excellent story and acting. very grainy film and gritty camera work, all true apparently. seems to be a few good movies coming from germany where they look back at their history. downfall, life of others etc.

i finished my book 'the secret history of the world', i've now started 'the brain that repairs itself', a book about neuroplastics, very interesting.
secret history looks at the secret societies and the information they seem to have that can be traced through the ages especially in art and science. as you know a lot of these scientists were also members of strange esoteric cults. the author looks at the development of consciousness and evolution through the realms of matter, mineral vegetable animal and human. he looks at the war that exists between the material world and the one of spirit, the more the material one becomes stronger the more matter becomes denser and this reality becomes fixed, thus we are removed from our gods. personally mists of avalon was a better read but this has some interesting ideas.

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