Tuesday, June 10, 2008

kate bush where are you?
i love you

all peace and tranquility here at mission control, ariel side 2 plays, candles lit, ambience perfect although it would be nice to have a friend to play with that has two legs.
fuck i love this cd, it's almost as good as the church.
something good is going to happen, i can feel it, pulsing in my heart, or make that a throb, strange events are taking place, the chinese have a proverb, 'may you live in interesting times' but you never know if that's a blessing or a curse, but now finally the truth has overwhelmed me, it all depends on you. it's a blessing, these last few days have been a blessing. i love where i am, it was just time that had me so confused, but now i've had a bump on the head time has come to an end, almost, implicit and explicit.


redgrevillea said...

i feel the same way, i feel a sense of great change is swelling over the globe - i sense the impacts will start to make themselves more felt as the northern summer simmers into fall.

All we can do is spectate and realise that as without, so within - the circumstances may not appear pretty but the opportunities for true personal freedom will be vast.

...that is what i'm registering within.

ps. 'Be my guru' wasn't on an album per se, i think it came off an ep around the same time as Stoneage Romeos.

pps. I will follow up Harold Bloom's books (my reading pile is enormous!)...currently i'm doing Anais Nin's diaries, and as your love is declared for Kate Bush, I can say to Anais Nin 'I love you' (i've a blog on her, 'Anais is here' from last month)

kinds & regards, Ross

captain mission said...

yes. i'm experiencing such a great shift in people i come into contact with, the old paradigms are falling away, new ones arising, we need to embrace these things but not attach ourselves to our pain or hurt. that's all part of the illusion.
Im going to check out Anis, i know she had a relationship with satre and wrote some books that a lot of feminists seem to enjoy, but i really have a gap in my education there which i hope to fill soon.
its good to have these women around, i like their influence. blooms books are confronting, not for everyone but well worth reading, they gave me a good perspective to observe the cosmic game as it plays out. these are not new age soft comforting reads, these require agility and skill as a reader, it's a huge feat to have written them and an even bigger one to read them.
best wishes
capt. mission