Wednesday, June 04, 2008

its wet and raining, dampness and depression could be at my door but i'm fighting it of with my optimistic outlook and positive approach, went to pick up pan today from his holiday, he was so happy to see me, we couldn't do much due to bad weather. Anyways i'm excited about the next few weeks, i feel a certain wave of creativity within, its like a tidal wave when it comes, but at the moment its a ripple. im about to give 3 tracks from my cd to some people for feedback, i'm interested in what they say because at some point soon i need to get it pressed and released.

My friends the High Priestess and her friend from Melbourne were in my thoughts today, i miss their company, they wisdom and sincerity. I respect them so very much. Im excited as i may get a chance to partake in an ayahuscia session soon, the High Priest will be there and Darpan whom i really love as well. He's the essence of a good happy spirit and he recognizes me from our past.
Okay peoples I'll keep ya posted, i need to think about the next cd and what i hope to achieve. I'm thinking some iano lessons may be the go.

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