Saturday, September 17, 2022

verily, in the middle of mid apocalyptic dystopia the sun streams through the blinds, the spread of light filters across my office and i listen to my messages. birds are alarmed, insects are in fear as humanity takes a sharp turn to the left or right, it don't matter, you are fucked unless you are cashed up or have a property with water, food and guns. they are coming for you. but there's only one way out and that's through. straight through with love and compassion and some krishna energy. 

i had big plans today, people to see, places to go, new experiences. however a sudden change in atmospheric conditions in and out influenced me to keep the day to myself in isolation. immediately my phone starts ringing, one person after the other so ironically i don't get much time alone. anyway i chat for a while, listen mostly. even my mum and i communicate over skype- o-matic,and we have the most agreeable conversation. wow!

anyways after the calls  i discover the new bowie film, 'moonage daydream' is on at avoca, so i plan a night with bowie, i mean i have to see this one right? all i know is it's going to be, emotional.

then i feel the hash cookie come on and i start panicking in case i forget to see the movie while looking for a pair of scissors while caught in some sort of time vortex that hides in my kitchen. ah, play some music i think, a bowie cd, but then i get trapped in indecision, which one. 

okay i can see it's a kooky day.    

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