Friday, September 23, 2022

the queen, 
god save her man, look she's dead and we should not talk ill of dead but to be honest it's impossible not to. let's see. i have lived out of the uk for about 34 years, i never liked or felt anything for the uk as my home country, it was a place i was born. i liked london in 1977 to 1980 and then discovered life elsewhere. america, europa, asia all held more allure and fascination for me than the downright glum english take of reality. empire and all that stuff, the class system, the dull grey middle class management, the establishment, the bbc, the fucking hypocrisy of the guardian and the left, the dumb morons on the right, it was never for me. i rejected it all. the only thing the uk had going was the music was good, the beatles, the stones, bowie as was the humour.
the one thing i never really understood was the royals and those whom followed them. i was in the usa when charles got married, i was in sydney when diana died, by then i had already begun to grow more attached to australia than i ever felt any kind of connection to the uk.
the royals, not even the original english royal family, impostors. yet the english loved them, the press loved them, their privilege and drama fed the media for years while also protecting them. 
you never see stories about the amount of money charles makes from the green industry, you don't hear that much about his connections to jimmy saville, and then there's andrew. their stuck up snooty wives, their stupid dumb dogs and their hunting and killing of wild animals.
the queen was okay, she kept it royal and english, i guess she never really got out much amongst her real people but she seemed harmless enough. although in her younger days she was 'sieg heiling' with the rest of them. plus there were all those executive death warrants she signed for prisoners in the colonies.
anyway she is dead. 
the people could see her in her coffin at westminster, all they had to do was queue up for three days to have a gawk. meanwhile if you were one of her majesty's lords, or a govt member  you could push in and see her without queuing. and the british public are quite okay with that. 
i want better rulers, better govt. better quality than privileged lords, ladies, queens and kings. it's a medieval idea and the people that follow that kind of thing are medieval  thinkers. 
any head of state has to be visionary, egoless and live a normal live amongst the people. they need to have the respect of their nation, the belief in them is their power.
take me, i'd make an excellent king, in fact emperor. 
you wouldn't have to call me emperor mission, captain is fine. i'd probably have to resign from work but my wage would stay the same, and the public could contribute if i needed to attend some event that means something. not a fucking polo match. anyway, i'd make sure everyone was eating good organic food, educating their minds and following their purpose in life. the one thing i won't be doing is hunting fucking ducks and foxes! 

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