Thursday, September 29, 2022

it's very likely kinetic war will break out very soon, especially now the usa has sabotaged the pipeline. russia will respond. 
the west has handled this whole drama incorrectly, it has a lot to answer for. 
firstly there are two treaties signed after the break up of the soviet union signed by the west. they specify no bases will be build upon any countries bordering russia. and like it of not for the last 10 years putin has consistently warned the west to remove their bases (mostly housing biological weapons) and the west has kept encroaching. nato, is expansionist and it's funded by america. 
under trump nato was kept in place, as was putin. 
but biden is a puppet for the globalists, the united nations, the eu, the clinton foundation and the world economic forum. trump wanted to drain the swamp (the deep state) but the deep state is deeper and wider than we can imagine and it relentlessly attempted to destroy him. 
there is no way the deep state, a global cabal of secret services, institutions and media will let him run again. they want war, it feeds them. you have to follow the money. 
(trump was the only american president who went in richer than when he came out. he was also the only president that never started a war)
ironically the elites want to bring down economies, end cash and individual independence to create a vast population of dependant people. the new currency will be totally credit, tied to social status controlled by the elites, similar to the chinese system where if an individual is seen to speak out against the govt. they are punished by switching off their credit and ability to move. the trail for this was covid. if you think that was just about health you are nuts. 
and if you think this is far fetched, look at what happened in canada during the lockdown and the truckers protesting. their bank accounts were shut down, any one contributing donations to them were also shut down. it's happening now all over the world as paypal freezes transactions of those it deems anti globalist or people that challenge the mainstream narrative. 
there's a lot of issues happening on planet earth, if you are astute you would know war broke out almost a decade ago, it just never became kinetic 
hang on to yourself.

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