Sunday, September 18, 2022

 kooky didn't even come close. 

i get to the cinema an hour before the movie starts, i am uncertain how many people will turn up and even if there will be tickets left. i guess i thought every one loves bowie as much as me. 

avoca has a beautiful little cinema, it's right on the beach, has a lovely little shop and a coffee area where you can sit outside and relax, which is what i did. i had taken my book with me, and some bowie tunes were being blasted out hidden speakers. i'm sitting there sipping a perfect hot chocolate when two people ask if they can join me, one a huge rocker called rod, and his friend a very friendly blonde lady who sits next to me and starts chatting away. i put my book away, and try not to look at her in any sort of lecherous way, but i am a male and she is pretty gorgeous. she smells nice to and has these very alluring eyes. anyway she's quick to tell me she is with her friend, and i figure he is obviously a good friend as he runs around doing her bidding. she invites me to sit with them at the back of the cinema, which is perfect. i wanted the back seat.

when the movie starts, my hash cookie kicks in and i know i'm in trouble as the audience all falls into a very serene quiet and my companions start chatting loudly,  moving around, dancing and clapping their hands. let me tell you the back row got raucous. then the blonde lady decides to slide in next to me, grab my hand and start swaying as bowie sings a classic. we end up exchanging numbers but not names, although i show her my name and right at the end of the night she shares her's. 

the actual moonage daydream documentary is good, it's just bowie talking all the way through and he is very philosophical and wise. i like what he says, through various phases in his life. he's always been cerebral and explored pushing boundaries, i loved his take on his own output at the height of his fame and commercial success. there were some great mixes of songs, stems that fugue into others, isolated parts and clips of live performances against a backdrop of documentary footage. a lot of stuff i have seen before on you tube.

look it's going to be a challenge making a film about bowies life, you could make several about different stages and facets of his output, but to attempt to contain bowie in one single film is impossible. so credit where it's due, they did a good job here, especially as they seemed to follow bowies spiritual pathway, as a uniting theme that links his works. and when you discover that the director also faced a life / death situation while making the film i guess you begin to appreciate the path the biography takes.

at the end of the movie i work out that my new friends are probably quite drunk and the cute blonde lady says loudly, 'i never did very well when i was in rehab.' loud enough for a few people to hear. i laugh, not at her but because i liked that she said it. it was very disruptive in a way, shocking i guess but it was funny. outside we share a joint, she tells me her name, invites me to a gig and sends me a text, 'LETS DANCE.'. 

yeah there was my evening, kooky to say the least. i was planning an introspective intimate emotional evening with bowie, but instead i get a buxom blonde nymphet with alluring eyes and a great smell. 

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