Wednesday, September 14, 2022

heading down to brooklyn, the highway south, a windy bit of freeway reveals the majestic waters of the hawksberry river, the gorgeous serenity of prehistoric times, a landscape untouched by human civilisation, pure nature, the light bouncing over the water, the strange fractal of waterways, the magnificent rocks structure, towers above and below. i take the side road off the freeway passed the secret graveyard, along the tiny road that leads down to the sleepy hidden village. parking is easy, there's hardly anyone in town. i head towards the corner where the coffee shop / cake shop offers me something along the lines of a strong latte. 
i have an appointment with a mysterious stranger who contacted me online, he wants to meet me for some project he has to complete, all i know is he seems interested in ghosts.
after my coffee i sit down in the pub where a silver haired man on the next table asks if i am captain mission.
'yeah,' i say as he scoots over to join me.
'i'm future,' he offers.
'so i have seen the future,' i reply.
he laughs.
he talks about his project, it's a science based look into contact with spirits through ouji boards. 
a memory flicks by my mind, ghostbusters, my future is sitting down with me.
we talk as he asks me about my experience, 'the truth is far stranger than fiction,' i tell future.
he seems like a decent guy, a genuine soul looking for answers. he says he will contact me at some point in time and we will begin the experiments. 

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