Monday, September 12, 2022

strange dreams, a friend of mine who is not really a friend invites himself over to mission control and then appears dressed in a military uniform complete with medals and regalia. he requests to stay the night but in the early hours wanders around into peoples bedrooms including my son whom is also living with me. the uniform begins to ask my son various questions, personel questions. it's soon morphs into an interrogation which i interrupt by grabbing him by the collar and throwing him out. 
next i'm at sydney airport, i have just checked my bags in and walk through passport control into a huge shopping area where i notice a large cafe. i head to get myself a coffee and notice an ex girlfriend there. i try to avoid her but she has seen me and starts following me. 
i shake her by weaving through crowds.

i do have a slight fever, get myself down to the docs and find out i have a chest infection. i have to take antibiotics. fucking pills, i hate them.  i have a few days off work at least, gotta take it easy chill out and relax. 

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