Sunday, August 28, 2022

now the nazi's run the world i keep a low profile, it's not the 'life during war time' talking heads sing about but it's close. there's no real difference with these new nazi's compared to the old ones, they don't wank on about aryan races so much but they are mostly aryan themselves, they just have 'useful idiots' to do the dirty work, the woke, the trans people, the brainwashed university types, the morons who watch abc or bbc for news, guardian readers, twitteratti, you know the type. 
what the useful idiots never learn because they are dumb or brainwashed ( you can help the brainwashed ones) is after the fight they come next. they are the first to go.
that's why they are known as 'useful idiots.'
check stalin.
me, i'm happy just being an idiot, but i will never be useful to the national socialists. the green movement and the globalists.

anyways, i watched a fantastic documentary about an american guy in california who goes around interviewing the gay community what side they support, isreal or palestine. yeah it's pretty polarizing but these young americans all said they support the palestinians.
then he takes his camera to palestine and interviews the citizens what they think about gays and lesbians and 99% percent of them replied they should be murdered. except one, who happened to be gay. he had to be filmed in secret and his identity withheld. he spoke about what the palestinian authority and hamas do to gays and lesbians and believe me, it wasn't good, end result death. then our intrepid reporter returns to the usa and shows the gay and lesbian useful idiots the results. It's fascinating, shocking and ultimately liberating as these poor useful idiots begin to realize everything they know is wrong. one even says, 'i have been given the wrong information.'
yeah well, i guess for the moment the nazi's have won, ironically a lot of dumb jews helped them, especially in the democrat party. suckers!

another fascinating interview i heard today was with sonia nassary cole on the situation in afghanistan. now this was heartbreaking, and anyone who voted for the democrats should listen to her story. it's an absolute horror story. fuck you democrats. 

the democrats are the real fascists, their agenda is terrifying if you value freedom and individual rights. unfortunately democrats and republicans are the same, it's a uni party with shared interests which is why trump is hated by them so much and the media attempt to destroy him. he wanted to drain the swamp and the swamp is everywhere, currently pumping money into the ukraine prolonging a war that is simple to resolve. 
the mainstream western media is failing, people switch off, seek alternatives and one that is reasonably good is TNT radio. it's an internet station that is broadcast around the world from various places with a wide range of views, but one thing they all share is they are generally united on the global machinations and what is coming. they get things wrong, but that's okay generally they are on the right track.

anyway, my heads down, i keep in the shadows, i eat my peanut butter and spinach rolls, i chat to my jos, yeah the witchcraft sisterhood is converging, i should start my own coven. 

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