Wednesday, August 10, 2022

my joint has burnt out low, i'm sitting in a strange capsule of light, empty sensations of pre birth and death, maybe a slight breeze. some people know many words to describe different types of winds, trade winds, westerlies, polar, monsoon, land and sea winds, mountain and valley winds and various local winds, then there's derivatives. i imagine cultures would have even more intricate descriptions and names for various winds just like the ice cultures have 50 words for snow, and the sanskrit cultures have hundreds of words for consciousness. 
i'm stoned, in the breeze. 
listening to some weird sounds from the late 70's, it's side two of heroes with it's bleak kind of mourning wail sandwiched between two funky tunes. i like emotive music, almost shamanic in some sort of western tradition of dereliction of duty to a good history, post war blues. the aftermath on a psychological level, as it drifts through culture, loss, dejection, rubble and shame. it's rare that music can capture a tragedy, it's audacious to put it between two dance tracks. 
a big day looms, date with a beautiful witch, although neither one of us has actually called it a date. maybe it's just lunch i don't know but i'm excited and looking forwards to seeing her. i can't write much about her as she's just popped into existence in captain mission's universe but she has always been out there, hovering in deep darkest peru, drinking ayahuscia and learning her craft. born in arnhem land, with viking heritage. she looks like a warrior, has the eyes of a wolf, she's got the face of a queen and the mind of an octopus. i connected straight away, we share so many things and yet she is so very different. i imagine our paths have crossed before, i feel it but i can't work out how yet, some deep past life stuff going on there. 
anyway, hornsby is not the most romantic spot and to be honest i would have preferred the city or terrigal but i have to adapt to the situation. 
i hual ass down the freeway, i'm tuning into radio tnt which i have to say is a 24 hours radio station i like, it smashes through all known bullshit and has interesting guests. i don't nessesserlily agree with everything but i like they present a different perspective, and one i am aligned to these days. makes me feel a bit saner that i know there are other people out there who know exactly what's going on and are not beguiled by the mediocracy of fluffy trends that are as much virtue signalling as they are theft. anyways, i move down the freeway cutting it close to the deadline, parking as usual a challenge but my pixie parking assistant gets me a prime spot where i literally walk to the rendezvous point dead on time. 
an arm reaches out, a hug and we are away.
ah thoth priestess and danu, her wolf like aura brings light to an otherwise dreary day. 

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