Sunday, August 14, 2022

 all week i have been procrastinating about my one single task, to clear out my garage. it's been there waiting for me for the last two weeks but i have constantly come up with various excuses to myself. 
it's raining, it's to dark, its full of spiders and snakes, not enough time, after lunch, after work, after checking e mails, after reading, an endless array of pathetic excuses. well this morning i awoke to a beautiful day and considered my responsibility. i did my laundry, had a coffee and then threw myself into the task.
3 hours non stop, heads down mindless sorting out the good the bad and the ugly it's done. i was ruthless, threw out a lot of sentimental stuff but discovered some interesting items, a deck of divination cards i designed years ago, a strange deck indeed as the goal is to discover the question not the answer. it's quite unique and sophisticated and surprisingly accurate. i also discovered some old photographs of jake, a marriage cert and some photo's of my travels through foreign lands. i found occult notebooks, out of print rare novels and some strange artefacts from previous lives. i basically ended u throwing most things out, one thing i did find was the battery charger i was looking for that powers my garden tools. now i'm going to catch some sun and chill out, i feel like i deserve it.

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