Tuesday, August 30, 2022

amazed by how many people still follow the mainstream media, it's like they are totally gone, minds just conditioned to accept everything they are programmed. i once did a course with robert anton wilson, RAW who taught me to always question everything from multiple viewpoints. in some of his books he lists a number of exercises the reader can do to train the brain. then he inverts it by getting you to immerse yourself in viewpoints and ideologies you reject, so if you are anti gun start being pro gun for a week and go to gun clubs and mix with pro gun people and take on their ideas and rationale as an exercise. if you are a born again christian become islamic or satanic, the lesson being that these are ideas we attach ourselves to, these ideas propel us through our lives yet they can be adopted and abandoned very easily, they sometimes clash with one another but yet they are not the person, they just drive that person.
this is a precursor to chaos magick where belief is the engine that drives the practitioner. it is not the magick, that is the relationship you establish with the intelligent universe. these beliefs eventually fall away in tragedy which is why i am not an ideological person, there are no good ideas other than a few basic universal ones. the left overs usually are in conflict with one another, in the same way our internal conflicts come from two opposing ideas. should i eat the cake or the carrot, i can't decide and it's making me anxious. anxiety propels me towards the cake, the cake makes me fat, and makes me more anxious so i eat more cake. 
let them eat cake, a french girl once said.
me i say, eat both, but make a carrot cake.

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