Sunday, August 21, 2022

down at the beach this morning watching the surf, i had my coffee and sat there looking at the waves. it's been a while since i went in myself, and i can feel the pull. that cold shock is a deterrent but i have to break through, tomorrow morning i decide.
i read a few chapters of a book, the warmth of the sun upon my skin, the irritating voice of a loud hungover moron behind me, talking to his girl. i have to move. i wander around the corner and discover much has changed in this sleepy town, there's a lot of live music, street entertainment i guess, the coffee shops are all upgraded and have slick new looks, there are exciting new restaurants and i discover a new bakery, specializing in sourdoughs and rye's and i pop in to have a look discover something amazing, something truly wonderful. 
my love of spinach pies goes back to my days in adalaide, where my partner and i would wake up after a debauched night and wander out for our coffee and spinach pie. this was the only time we ever left the house and the only food we ever ate. 
since that time my affection for spinach pies borders on obsessional, and all my friends know i would hunt sydney looking for a perfect pie, as good as the adalaide one. i almost found it around the corner from fountain plaza but they were inconsistent and seemed to go up in price every time i bought one, plus the bakery itself suffered from an interior design that i can only describe as the doldrums. bad energy kinda killed the pie experience. i've looked everywhere but never really found the ultimate pie / roll. 
there are variations on the pie, various cheeses, dried onion, spinach or silverbeet, you know it's a craft.
and then at this new local bakery, this perfect sunday morning i glimpse in the corner the pies / rolls.
there it is like the bloody holy grail, a perfect looking spinach roll. i line up and queue, the place is packed. it's lush inside, perfect presentation and products. the staff all look glamorous, like supermodels with immaculate hair and nails, eyelashes and suddenly i feel conflicted, what have i walked into?
at the counter a super friendly lady asks how she can help, with a tinge of ambiguity and suddenly i relax.
'a spinach roll please.'
i wave my card over the pay wave machine like a wand and am given a beautiful box wrapped up in a crisp brown paper bag. i offer my appreciation and wander around the corner back to the ocean where i find a seat and pull out this chunky roll. wow, it's hot but i bite in through the amazing crispy pastry and start my experience. 
simply put, this is the best spinach roll ever.
better than adaliade even. 
i'll be back. if this quality is consistent i think i have a new fave spot!    

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