Thursday, March 17, 2022

my cosmic radar attuned and accurate again, picking up frequencies directing me in line with my own navigations. i am on track. first mission control, a few more constructions,  my kitchen area needs a new look and i'd like to convert my garage although i don't know where to begin, i feel it will happen this year. another issue is the garden which after all that rain requires a vast incursion, hacking back the jungle that has grown over the last few months. i plan to cultivate some new resources, however this will require some adjustments. finally the most simple task of all will be a-fixing a shade sail to my deck so i can buy some garden furniture and enjoy the winter sun while sipping on my tea and reading in the mornings. the shade will keep part of the deck covered from elemental forces and offer me a protected area to enjoy in summer. these laborious tasks will give me something to ground myself with while i focus upon the next phase of life. abundance, is close at hand. it surrounds me, it radiates from my pores like invisible light, people begin to feel it although they cannot understand it. it is growing, it fertilizes, nourishes and sustains. and like all things that make people feel good, acts as a drug for people who get to close, which is why i like a little bit of protection.

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