Wednesday, March 30, 2022

captain mission (terton) receives the information in zip file download, the process is much faster now i have discovered the twin aspect, d plus d. life experience will reveal the details especially if one is versed in traversing the dimensions that are nested within this dimension. i usually accept mini satori's as part of normal existence, my memory states these as 'perfect moments' whereas crowley called them 'ah ha,' and archimedes 'eureka,' the words may be different but the principle is the same. for this tantric ritual the 'terma' (download) must be comprehended completely, there is no room for mistakes as not just the fate of the terton is at risk, the current trajectory of humanity will continue to entropy. my deductive reasoning and research into the art of nemeta explains the lightening flash approach to transmission, i will pass on the data by lightening bolt inoculation encased within joyous rapture. 
the paradox is that despite the hedonistic impulse, i must forget the pleasure and focus upon the weaving of it, thus the direction of energy is where my skill and discipline reside.

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