Monday, March 28, 2022

everything, everywhere all at once
history, fail safe, the forgetting of things past the remembering of things future. i have through a series of traumatic accidents and violent blows to the head, with a mixture of conscious brain change, mind expansion and the pursuit of my own individualized abstracted magick sees what's coming by seeing what came before, and when history is laid out before you, in a pool of bile, stomach acids, blood soaked organs and entrails sister, it's easy to read, i'm the high priest of reading, reading is knowing, i know everything, i know so much that i have to store it outside myself in the banks of the dark matter, in the ocean of space. 
dressed in my black robe, the one with the red serpent embossed on the back, in the depths of temple mission control, the future spills out and reveals itself. my  robe splattered in blood and bile, the stink of an abattoir and atmosphere heavy with the taste of metallic doom upon my breath. oh i have seen the future and it made me weep.
the oracle foretell a reckoning, unholy daze, the hanged man, death and the tower a savage omen to reconcile with the savage nature of mankind. the cycle of time cycles onward backwards and forwards, the spinning earth knows where it has to traverse because it has been there before, the ebb and flow. my dark mirror shows me the abyss. only the infinity of the aeon not only stares back, it engulfs my history, and all history, it is as if, the abyss meets the abyss. 
i carefully step over the blooded floor towards my alter, adorned by my athame which is used as a bookmarker in the agrippa grimore, i think i may be able to stop this but it will require a personal sacrifice. some pride perhaps, to save the world or pride before the fall. sometimes when you unwillingly find yourself in the role of saviour or superhero you have to just do something insane. 
the twin flame burns in eternity.
the points upon the planet are revealed to me, i have the meridian map the red centre of the great southern land, lake titicaca, glastonbury, mount shasta, mount fuji, mount kalis in tibet, the crater at maui, somewhere in capetown south africa, lake taupo in new zealand, palenque in mexico,  and of course mount agung in bali. all that remains is to work out the sequence and a suitable partner.


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