Wednesday, March 30, 2022

finally everything falls into place, it was a strange phase but i have cracked another code, which in turn will assist me control the weird vortexes i seem to have created along my time lines. the process was always intuitive, and i trusted that, the vortex took me where i needed to be. now thanks to the grid map i have of the planet i know what's going on, and how to tweak it for my advantage. the history of the grid comes from prehistory, shamanism, to plato, to buckminster fuller, through some western magickal traditions right to the modern age. 
there is also a theory that connects memory to the grid, specifically memory loss an issue i have had organic problems with but thankfully repaired. the theory is very complex and assumes the concept of simulation, which i am not convinced about but drawn towards as something to disprove to myself. so far the only evidence the universe is not a simulation is many say it would not be so bad, but that's a subjective position. to me it's quite beautiful and i still find fascination when i loose myself within.
the idea that the soul can detach itself from an energy line and therefore loose it's memory alludes to the concept of a circuit. it's not something one can reject totally.
mastering the voids that seem to follow me will be interesting, these vortexes have always been very helpful and i am somewhat indifferent to the experience, all part of my nature, however to control these will change everything. i mastered remote viewing almost 20 years ago, but now it's time to play with einstien rosen a natural progression. the geometric patterns and energy points i listed yesterday will be the key places to experiment with this while conducting my nemeta.
i must find the dakini to do this with, it must be someone whom is safe for the energies involved will be cosmic and powerful enough to transform the planet. i will be vulnerable and require protection. 

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