Tuesday, August 10, 2021

wandering along the shoreline, following the starfish trail, the waves are tranquility blue, layered in a network of codes and lattice like information, i read the energy and inhale the negative ions. it's almost green today, crisp air, sharp and blade like while the rising sun begins to make a slight difference, dial turning up, skin adjusting. it's all so beautiful. 
not many out this early, mostly people stick to the path whereas today i've gone off track, onto the sand. when my cousin came out here he declared it was the most beautiful and fave place he had ever seen.  he loved it, whereas i love it and let it love me. 
the birds are healthy, clean and filled with an energy that keeps them young. they swoop down to investigate and a couple of pelicans circle above my head. 
the water is free from people, no surfers, swimmers, boats, it's moving form is nebulous liquid and when i get to the golden path i stop. 
my salutation to neptune. it's been a long time since we communed.

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