Tuesday, August 24, 2021

every one knows only one person made it through afghanistan, alexander the great but even that was considered his greatest challenge, as just like russian, america and nato he left battered and with not much to show for it. the harsh terrain and guerrilla warfare laid claim of all of alexander's successes. despite winning most battles the torturous enviroment from ice capped mountains to dry desserts took their toll and when he left after two years the country descended into factions. he did leave a mark, cities are still standing kandahar the most infamous, he found his bride there as well. but afghanstan also left it's mark upon alexander, and it was shortly after this campaign his mental state declined into fear and paranoia, he began drinking heavily and began to demonstrate cruelty.
a famous rudyard kipling poem written during the british invasion...

and when you are wounded and left upon afghans plains
women come out to cut up your remains
just troll to your rifle and blow out your brains
and go to your god like a solider.

and now in contemporary america withdraws in the most brutal clumsy arrogant way, due to one man. an illegitimate president whom was supported by wall street, hollywood, china and the media, not to mention the countless idiots who supported him. a man whose history of foreign affairs has been failure and catastrophic decision making. always backing the wrong horse. these people are responsible. they were so politically inept and focused on stopping trump their prejudice and embedded confirmation bais was unable to see clearly. now i hope when they see their tv screens and watch mothers throwing their babies at soldiers to rescue from the taliban they realise (although they are two brain dead to ) that those soldiers they are entrusting their babies lives with are the children of the deplorables.  
what a shameful situation, the us government is a disgrace and biden must be impeached. and the people that voted for him need to get a grip on how stupid they have been. the sad thing is the vice president is even worse.  

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