Wednesday, August 04, 2021

okay, it's been a while since i wrote anything political or controversial but here are my thoughts, her's what i think and no doubt it's going to cost me but it's time to listen.
firstly i understand how you felt about trump, you read the sydney morning herald, you watch and listen to the abc, you believe these guys are the gospel, why would we think differently. i have an advantage, i followed all that socialist bullshit as a kid, and religiously read the guardian. i believed in them and then they sold out sarah tisdall a young public servant who like me thought these people were onside. the guardian fucking sold her out and she went to jail because she had a conscious. these left winger i learnt have no principle, they fight a side no matter what it is who it is or what they say. this is why they cancel people. the argument makes no sense, their arguments are riddled with hypocrisy and double standards and the media lie about almost everything that does not push their globalist agenda. 
now as an adult i find myself alienated in my lack of respect for the left, i see through the academic intellectual ideology, i see through the university brainwashed thinking, the weapons they use are absurd. they call racists, sexists out at every chance while ignoring their own. 
not that i have much respect for the other side, i loathe them to but i'm capable of following an argument on policy without attaching it to a side. a good idea is a good idea. 
when trump came along i was happy as he was not a politician, he was no great orator but he did make a commitment to, 'drain the swamp,' and the swamp is vast and wide and deep. it's the deep fucking state.
from the word go the establishment attacked him, called him a russian agent and ignored all the incredible things he did economically. all i expect from any govt. is to get a good economy in their country. they tried to nail him every chance they got, they humiliated him, banned him, lied through their teeth about him and denigrated any achievement he made. when asked why they were out to get him he replied, 'they are not really out to get me, they are out to get you, i am just in their way.'
the most powerful statement ever made by any president.
so we got biden in a stolen election, (chinese hackers working with some naughty democrats like pelosci) sure joe was promoted by all the establishment, hollywood, wall street (who just lost a trillion dollars of american workers pension funds to the chinese), the left and the usual suspects but he's suffering demetia and will be removed soon. it's elder abuse to keep him propped up while he forgets who and where he is. his son and him got a free pass from the media when they knew hunter was having sex with underage kids, on the payroll of the chinese govt. and being used to gain access to his dad. 
while western govts, america and australia funded wuhan scientists in gain of function research the chinese knew only one man on the global stage stood in the way of their ambition, hong kong, tiawan and the south pacific. it was trump. 
the war had already started 10 years earlier, via the economy. china had been buying up strategic points all over the globe. it had become the manufacturing agent of the world thanks to weak western leadership and dumb decisions made by left and right globalists. the un had already done the work, modelled itself of chinese communism under the alluring concept of the great reset, a mish mash of technology, environmentalism, socialism and control, i call technocracy.
this is where the individual is ruled by the expert, only the expert is on the payroll of the dictator. thus china moved into the second stage of its war and released flights directly into the wold infected with covid while restricting internal flights. the biological warfare caught us by surprise, even now no body has looked into the genesis of the event. the who is corrupt and on the chinese payroll so their investigation was compromised. and now a year and a half later we see troops on the streets of sydney keeping people in check should they take of their mask. 
the truth is this c-19 is a deadly virus that kills less than 0.01% of the infected, usually those with compromised immune systems and vaccines should be used for those people. but know this, vaccines create mutations and variants, it's simple evolutionary biology, and ironically all the automatons that blurt out how much they follow science are not following science at all. they are following the technocracy. the science has been cancelled. the vaccines have a life of 6 months, if people had researched the pharmaceutical companies they would have seen the investor page where investors were told they would have annual returns on the software of the vaccine as it had to be administered and updated. 
think. if they really wanted to keep you safe they would have said use hydroxychloroquine which is tested has a very high success rate against c-19 and is safe. same with invermectin which pulled india out of an appalling death rate quickly. these facts have been cancelled.
why was the govt health experts not telling people to increase their intake of vitamin c and d and zink and eat vegetables and avoid processed foods. the masks inhibit oxygen which we need, the social distancing creating anxiety and depression which compromise the immune system. why are the streets of south west sydney filled with soilders enforcing these stupid rules while the beaches of east sydney are packed. why is the biden administration forcing vaccines on people including children while letting 2 million people through the mexican border who are untested. 
if you have a critical eye, nothing about this makes sense, there are so many inconsistencies, olympic games, sports is allowed but numbers at a funeral have to be limited?  
you have to have swallowed the cool aid if you trust the technocracy have your interests at heart, or if you think they are benevolent. they are the same bastards that have been in control for the last 30 years, getting more and more control from the individual. so much control they now tell you when you are sick. 
these experimental vaccines have not been tested, they are not fda approved and the cdc is now admitting they do not work. investigate the spike protein in your body. it's the most dangerous weapon in this war. 

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