Wednesday, August 11, 2021

its weird  how people who follow science follow it religiously and with the same zealot attitude applied to religion. i've always figured the two entwined, science a religion for sceptics. if you know anything about science it evolved from alchemy which is a spiritual pursuit. what most people follow now is a church of science.

contemporary science is a political tool, just like religion, far removed from any kind of truth. which is why this vax thing is a scam, and the more it's pushed the more obvious it becomes. i do feel all people need to do is listen to the information they are not allowed to listen to, put away their confirmation bias because mostly what they end up doing is politicising the argument unconsciously. me i have an open mind, happy to discuss other perspectives yet when i do, people play me and say i live in a 'science fiction world' rather than a science one. i've noticed these types love to play the person not the points raised, attack the man not the argument is a typical communist tactic. anyway the science fiction world is now reality as we move further into the trans human age, george soros, bill gates and kluas schwabb sit above elected governments (democracy is dead until free elections are revived) injecting graphene into the body and changing the genetic code of the human is possibly in my own personal philosophy the most immoral thing a human can do. 

a jewish hippie guy says there is only one unforgivable sin, it's not lust, gluttony, envy etc, its to blaspheme the holy spirit, the body is a temple. it says the same thing in the old books but jesus seems to carry more weight than moses. anyway the first step in transhumanism is to change the body. let me say here and now, i'm all for it however there are ways to do this that work well and evolve the human species in line with the natural order. read up on noah and tubal cain as allegory. 

speculating in my 'science fiction' way, the singularity is upon us. these people that have far to much money and power need one more thing. life extension. they wanna life forever. and this is their pathway. i don't have a problem with eternity, i've been around almost as long but there are other methods to do it, spiritual ones. but these guys have no connection to spirit, they surrendered their humanity a long time ago. they wanna build back better, they don't want you to own anything yet are vastly materialistic themselves and they need to depopulate the world. it's been on the front page of the united nations website for 30 years when i was going on about agenda 21 and everyone was thinking i was nuts. now any switched on cat is aware of agenda 31 (as they call it now)

when i lived in avalon we all knew about it. we discussed it and understood the implications, especially when it came to the codex alimentarius and the plan to ban any supplementary medicines.  that was a long time ago and they are still tying, spanning out from the united nations into world health, into various ngos and soros funded  agencies and in league with the chinese communist party. big tech loves the ccp, they are the same thing, where do you think all that surveillance software comes from.

science fiction, nope, this is science reality, the world we live in. 

anyway if you got the vax i don't blame you, i was very fearful but i guess skeptical enough to investigate. i just looked at the media and realized they all seemed to be pushing the same story without asking the obvious questions. what's in the vaccine and why should people whom have already recovered from covid be forced to take it? why are you not talking about the side effects or promoting the yellow card system (in uk) and what happened to all the people that died of flu? and the bleeding obvious one every single journalist needs to ask right now, gibraltar?

to me these were obvious questions and i sought out the answers, however what i experienced was if you seek answers you are vilified, not just by authority but the vaccinated. they literally dance on the grave of skeptics when they die from covid. these compassionate hypocrites actually get joy when someone dies. i don't want anyone to die, i actually wish i were wrong, it's not a fucking game yet the global establishment and media made it one. even the stats didn't make sense and then you discover that the scientists, virologists, doctors and molecular biologists who have a different opinion are now cancelled and have gone underground. i listened to a vast amount of people talking freely about this including dr. robert malone the man whom invented mrna vaccines. he has had to go underground because the american govt have threatened him. the ex chairperson of pfizer has warned people not to get the vax unless they are compromised and anyone who advocates the alternative successful treatments are either struck of by whatever authority overseas their profession. you can't see that doctor crying his eyes out in a senate hearing begging to be allowed to continue prescribing invermetin, saying he had saved hundreds of his patients lives with it. you tube banned it.

so i have no more energy to wank on about it, i made my own decision. i want to get the virus, i don't mind. that way i will build up my own antibodies and don't need the jab. if i die then i die and it's on me. you can all dance upon my grave but i am not going to cave into media pressure from celebs, politicians and peers who try guilt games as if they are unaware that even the vaccinated can infect. in fact what they have yet to learn is the vaccinated actually cause the variants. this is what dr. malone and hundreds of virologists have said ( you never vaccinate in an epidemic only after it) and explained it in evolutionary terms. if the virus comes up against a defence it will adapt, it's what all viruses do.that spike protein is a biological weapon. take gibraltar which is almost fully vaccinated. yet it's now reporting a 2500% increase in infected cases. 

anyways work it out for yourselves here i'm not out to convince anyone just state my own perception. and if another person says, 'come down to earth' to me i will fucking cancel them myself. what a fucking insult to say to a social worker. 

here's some science that is not political but remember, you can't un-see this

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