Tuesday, December 27, 2016

wake up, weather changeable and my time seems to slow down as the morning catches up. i grab a coffee, walk around looking at colourful birds, my dog missing in action i wonder if he has found a better home to hang for the day. leftovers and exhausted children would be infinitely more attractive than an exhausted and left over man.
i read for a while,  stop and think about my own compass, is it fear, indifference or lust, it's really all over the pace this morning. 
fear. i have jehovah's witnesses coming, friends that found jesus. although i love them i hate their company, it's a dead end because there is no way i would become a witness. it's the ultimate detachment  and yet it's just another attachment to something quite ridiculous. however i respect their enthusiasm. i have to hide all my weed.
i smoke a little spliff before they arrive and my compass heads to lust. how do i know this? i go out to jb hi fi and buy a new tv. it's a big sexy one. a dumb impulsion gets the better of me but at least no one is pregnant right?
i sit down at mission control and look at my life 2016, strange year, a sad one in some ways, lots of shifting, loss, conflicts and weirdness but that's my life. i've grown somewhat indifferent to it all.
see i am all over the place. 
i burn some incense new stuff called 'black magick' very hard to get. do you know you cannot import this stuff into australia. lucky i have a chinese connection. 
i meditate upon the compass and attempt to dissolve it but i get an erection as thoughts flood my mind about a sexual encounter i had yesterday. back to lust. 
i need a surf.

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