Friday, December 30, 2016

a quick surf as the town is packed and i'm parked illegally, but the waves are tremendous, i catch a super powered one that blows all my illusions into the vastness of nothing. it's that one single one, the obliteration every soul searches for, outside the time space dimensions, i ride it to the core of my own void. it's beautiful and terrifying, it's sublimation. 
outside i deal with the horde, all plugged into the town for a long weekend, shops spilling over and walkways packed as i shuffle through. i wanted to go to the bank but it's to tricky and inefficient. i count my blessings and slip away back to mission control.
i check my mail, a card from an old friend, a friend of my ex wife really. i don't know what to do, it says she wants me to call her but i'm sort of unconnected to that past and don't see a point in reconnecting, i'm sitting on this one.
a card from my union thanking me for working on xmas day. i didn't suckers, i had the day off. i hate that union, total bunch of dumb zombies who have never helped me deal with any of the masses of abuse i encountered at work yet somehow manage to deduct $30 a week and send me an xmas card for my troubles.
i get a card from kate, bless you kate. it was so lovely for you to think of me. i get some messages from people via text, all wanting me to get in touch. i ignore them, just not in the mood right now. 

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