Monday, December 26, 2016

always smiling, positive guy, everyone liked you including helen the head girl whom i secretly desired. helen was so happy when you started dating her, and who am i to stand in her path to happiness. just kids, head filled with dreams and outrageous ambitions. you were smart and immaculate, while i was a punk, more drawn to bowie and the clash while you dug those soul legends and ska. 
you and her were a good team but i knew even then something was amiss, it was written on her face shortly after. i saw it, but it was difficult to read and i was still young.
i came took some photo's of you and your ska band before you went of to new york. i had know idea you were being shaped by some mogul, i was in the 'screaming blue meanies' belting out bowie covers and playing velvet underground songs while you cut wham rap and got banned. that was cool man, i respected that. 
next thing i know you and andrew are some huge pop stars and your paying wembley stadium. i hated those songs man, but you seemed the same, that flamboyant vanity, that tom cruise grin, the unshaven stubble, stupid outfits and loads of dancing girls looking like they had scoffed down far to many anti depressants. 
not content from taking helen, you and andrew then took the perfectly sexy shirley and turned her into some sort of disco bunny. i loved her for the pink hair and safety pins not the fucking fluffy jumpers and white ankle socks. last xmas indeed.
well yog, i have to admit you came out in style, busted in a toilet, front page news, man that video clip was the first adult song you made that i thought was great. outside. yeah you made some funky tunes smoked a lot of weed, had a few supermodels on speed dial. that's all we wanted from life i guess. 40 years later your heart explodes while mine beats on, i don't know how many more beats it has left but it makes me wonder about the numbers, it's a numbers game they say and i was always bad at math.

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