Wednesday, December 21, 2016

an old friend from tokyo city iggy comes to visit these shores, we catch up on three consecutive sundays, it was good to see him readers, really good. iggy and i go back and as a younger man i got to see how unique a thinker he was, how individual and different. in a society of clones zombies and depressingly empty souls i found him a beacon of hope. i listened to him as we swapped stories of travels and ideas. his passion for mountains, persia, the forgotten parts of maps, the places where no one ever goes. 
me i had taken a strange path but it was accessible for anyone to follow should they choose. iggy, he went along a pathway that no one could follow. 
so it is good to see his return. it's been about 10 years, and now he is a cool father and a husband, blazing his own trail. 
we talk and it's just like old times only i'm older. my vitality is in decline, i'm sluggish and my bones are weary. iggy moves like a frictionless android from the future come to save or destroy us. 
hive city where we have laksa for breakfast, the women are all beautiful here. we always dug that asian vibe. 
for some reason i have a leaking eye, i buy a black eye patch which helps and take a photo of us both outside the hive, we look like we are mercenaries on shore leave but for some reason the photo is lost, i search for it but it's MIA.
those sundays flew by fast old friend. i miss you. and dear reader here's an example why.
i smile as we part company and i stupidly say (on auto pilot)'take care.'
and with that smile, the one that knows it's got something to say, iggy says, 'no! take risks.'
it makes me laugh but i guess you had to be there. 

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