Saturday, November 15, 2014

terrible beach, dawn, surf conditions excellent, i'm in. a day in the sun and surf, i watch the crowds come, i watch them go, dusk i'm crawling out the surf-life building showered and hungry, muscles aching in a good way. i grab a coconut drink, drive home, in that californian sunshine the roads are empty, everyone going the other way, my windows are down, moon roof open, laurel canyon blasting out as i cruise around looking like a strange version of jimi hendrix, feathers in my hair, colourful t shirt, dude i just need a strat and a bohemian waistcoat. i'm loving this music, it's perfect for the day, this moment, i don't wanna go home so i head north on the freeway. chase the setting sun. dreamer of dreams, chaser of suns, satellite of love. 

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