Friday, November 07, 2014

strangely i had mixed feelings before i read this, i was not sure i wanted to know to much about my hero, i mean i know enough but i didn't want to be a voyeur as he revealed his life to his readers through his memoir. yeah i really did wrestle with it but obviously and predictably i succumbed.
from the moment i picked it up and read the first page i was turning the page, it took me two days to complete but only as i had to sleep and work, i would have stayed up and read the whole book in a sitting. 
is it very readable.
i wondered what voice steve would write with, he's a brilliant writer and has many different and interesting styles but i wasn't prepared for this voice. it was his voice, it was very genuine and reading the book i felt like he was just sitting next to me drinking a cup of chai tea and telling me this story, slightly detached from the events by time and wisdom. 
one of the reasons i like steve so much is he's always been a really honest man and this book is an honest book. it's not pretentious, it's not literary, it's not intellectual. what is it?
i guess it's something quite peculiar. 
after reading the book you can see why people like him so much. he's smart, engaging and original and will make you laugh out loud and shed a tear as he tells his story and then there's all that fucking talent.

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