Saturday, November 22, 2014

i avoid bars these days but she said meet me in 'spyders' and i wasn't in a position to argue with her.
'do they sell good drinks?'
'yeah babe, the best.'
so i'm there unfashionably early waiting for the girl in a fluro fur bikini to serve me, she's taken my order but spending a long time at the blender. i watch her shaking her ass to the neo-funk beat, she's got a nice body and happy energy that spills into me. finally she presents me with a smooth perfect looking dark and stormy. i sip it, i'm very fussy about my drinks, not being a lover off alcohol this is my one and only drink. dark kraken rum spiced with star anise, organic fresh cinnamon, a pinch of clove and hint of nutmeg mixed into a very cold organic ginger beer over ice. perfect, one sip excites my lips and tongue, if a drink can't do that then it's not worth drinking.
i get my corner and wait for mystique to turn up. 
she's sitting in front of me, i didn't see her arrive but there she is, glammed up looking like some sort of exotic mermaid. i smile, 'you look great.'
'thank you mission a girls gotta make an effort these days to get noticed.
'ha!, get real misty, your the most noticeable woman in town. and for a dealer that's probably not a good idea.'
'nonsense i blend in by being beautiful in a crowd of beautiful people.'
'mmm, well it's not often i get out to bars these days,' i notice she has no drink, 'what can i get you?'
'i want champagne or a whiskey. you choose.'
i slide through the crowd and smile at the barmaid in fur, 'hey how's it going?' she says.
'it's going just fine, i need another drink for my friend there. she asked for a whiskey or champagne but i think she needs something else.'
'a cocktail perhaps.'
'yep, what's on the list tonight?'
'why don't you leave it with me, you trust me?'
'with my life.'
she flashes me a smile,'ha, you sir must have a death wish.'
'a small death wish yeah.' it's cryptic but cute and i was flirting way over her head.
i return with a blue cocktail in a tall glass. 'here.'
'that's not what i asked for mission, you never liked orders did you?'
'call it creative license misty, now what you got for me?'
'i got you some flow, it's straight out of tokyo, made this morning. i have not taken any but these are top notch.' she pulls out a little vial of crimson pills and shakes it in front of me, her bright red nails flash before me like tiny fireflies.
the vial sits perfectly in my palm, my fingers curl slowly around it and i slip it away out of sight.
'how much?'
'lets say 2 hours worth.'
'jesus misty, if there's one commodity i am in short supply off it's time.'
'two hours is not so bad, it's quite reasonable when you think about it.'
'okay, okay drink up, lets, go.' 
'darling let me enjoy my drink at least, what is it?'
'its a cocktail.'
'i know but what's it called.'
'la petit mort.'
misty smiles.

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