Tuesday, November 18, 2014

dawn ceremony, freedom blue sky flashes by from the projectile train, i'm deep in my novel page turning as the train fills with the early morning dead. there are three prime urges pulsing through my body, one is to finish this book so i can start another. the novel is 'war in heaven' by gavin smith and although it's a good story it's going on a bit to long and i need a break from the style which is violent and tech laden. i need coffee, coffee in my blood is a primal urge, a final addiction. and lastly i'm excited. i'm about to meet my friend. it's not like i have many left these days. 
i have not seen iggy starseed for about 10 years, in my blog he was always refereed to as the professor. he was my experimental lab companion as we float tanked and partook in dmt experiments changing our brains. iggy was always very extreme in adaptation to environments, pushing his body much further than i ever did so in 10 years he's recreated himself.
we meet in our old haunt, hive city. 
he's no different physically, maybe even more sinuous and serpentine, ice climbing would do that. iggy starseed is an anomaly, you would have never met anyone like him, part iggy pop, part tim o leary, part john lilly, terrence mckenna, part mark twain, part scott of the antarctic partly made in japan, while also hassan i sabbeth. 
it's rare for me to get excited about seeing anyone these days, but i'm like a fucking skool girl this morning. i grab a coffee and wander down to hive city. i stop and watch a fashion shoot, the most glamourous beautiful young lady swanning around in a silk outfit. i can't help but gaze at her as she obeys the photographers every word. 
iggy and i get coffee, he's on three shots a morning while i just have my one. we do a quick download and head off to look at various mountaineering shops and bookshops. iggy fills me in on his decade, his marriage and child. he's literally done everything he said he would do 10 years ago, and more. he's been everywhere there are mountains.
he tells me about tokyo life, tales of girls, of dance parties in blade runner landscapes, about drugs, about casualties, about what's really going down. 
the day passes very quickly, it's hard to leave but we both have to get back to our duties. we arrange another meet up, next time at the beach so he can introduce me to his wife and daughter. 
i head back, head enmeshed in interplanetary cyber warfare and hoping to finish war in heaven.

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