Monday, November 10, 2014

pushing through the crowded market to catch a glimpse of old nebuchadnezzar, i'm accosted by merchants of street apocalypse. a man disgusted at my t shirt walks away in disgust, he threatens val and insults the girls. i smirk him away with a black vortex annihilation strategy i picked up in tibet. these fucking assholes think they own symbols whereas a powerful symbol has many meanings.
we are jostled and pushed, drawn away from where we wish to be, the harder we head towards the building the more difficult it becomes, penetration of the mass proves impossible so i give way and we are absorbed into the depths.
i buys some interesting oils, i purchase some time, i indulge in some substance abuse, i get some feathers in my hair and follow the chaos until i can find a flow. the noise is unbearably loud, my head cannot endure to much loud noise, it's a repulsion field sending me away.
big thunderous black clouds rolling in over the buildings, on the kings street we head into a cocktail bar, it's one of my old haunts from my city days. i order up some dark and stormy's and the rum hits my central nervous system almost immediately, spiced and cold it's wonderful to feel this relaxed.
it's the first drink i've had in a long time.
we wander the streets, i poke my head in a few places, eat some halumi and chips, we end up outside the worlds best gelato place, voted by italian gourmet chiefs in rome and it lives up to it's name, the cow and moon. amazing gelato, mind blowing.
by the time i'm back at mission control everything is over. i missed old nebuchadnezzar, would have been great to see the druid in action but it was not to be. 

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