Thursday, November 06, 2014

spend the day catching up with an old friend margo whom i have not seen in 20 years, she remembers more about my past than i can, we swap stories, drink coffee. it's nice to talk to her, she reminds me of my other friend kate, kinda same look in her eyes.
she's been through a lot, i can see she suffers a little still, i do what i can, tell her a few parables and let her consider them in her own time. it's strange as today i feel the vine in me, whispering, cruising through my blood, encouraging. i like to hear her voice, it's reassuring.
we watch the waves at terrible, i have this overwhelming urge to swim but i have no costume with me, so we watch the gentle waves break and talk about history and divorce. i have the benefit of years, decades really so i guess i'm able to offer margo something like clarity. well captain missions version of it i guess. it's a good day, margo leaves, the sun starts to fade, it's a good day.

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