Monday, July 18, 2022

soon more work will commence at mission control, more construction as my garage is transformed. it may take a while but slowly i will have all the space i require. i speak to the afghan builders who are excited about the project, i explain my design. a huge clearence and clean out, removal of unwanted junk, new wooden flooring, a big glass sliding door, new windows, new walls and ceiling with flush led lighting, a massive wall of shelving and one of bookcases, complete waterproofing and a small storage area for my garden tools and car accessories. 
start as soon as it stops raining is the plan, we need a dry area. things will get very messy. my concern is access as parking will become tricky.
my front garden will be transformed, already my fishpond is now completely landscaped and most of the surrounding vegitation has been cleared away, giving exposure to the whole pond. it's a huge make over and long overdue. i'm so motivated now, nothing can stop me.

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