Thursday, July 21, 2022

in the twilight hours i kicked back with my hash and frangelli- go go drink i've taken to, it's an old monsastic liqueur made by monks when they went all nuts. the recipe was passed down to me by a wayward vixen whose lineage goes back to the very area where these monks inhabited. they were cut off from the world in their shrine built high in mountain areas, no one could access the castle without a dangerous climb and once ascended there was no return. 

anyways i cracked open a bottle from the cellars. poured it into a frozen glass with some soda lime and kicked back to listen to some groove armada and watch some netflix, later i cranked up the skype- o- matic and chatted to tez and jean who were beaming in from their spaceship. we had a good laugh but i started to get cold and needed to find my own sanctuary. the ice weather is something i can't deal with, it really freaks me out.  

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