Saturday, July 09, 2022

drive towards the past, i'm in cruise control as the day turns to evening shades of crimson, a sinking sun glowing out, proclomation of better times. i feel good, in harmony, i feel positive and alive. there's nothing on the radio, no talking heads, speaking tonuges, no speech decay, no distraction except life. all is good i think as i turn of the freeway hand head towards the water. by the time i arrive it's dark, and slightly cold. i have a fur lined jumper to keep me warm as i park my car a few meters away from the house.
it's been almost a year since i saw her, and the invte to her 40th was a pleasant surprise. i knew she would be surprised by the fact i turned up.these days it's rare for me to venture out just to socialise. the last thing i seek is a party. 
as i walk in the door i'm greeted by two gilrs, jo and jodie. both really lovely. immediatly i feel happy as we sit and discuss how we know mutual friends. the old friends are there, the avalon cats. of course we all moved away now and this type of reunion is almost impossible but here it is, getting more and more stranger as the night progresses.
jo is a witch, a pagan, a woman with an aborigional history on one side and viking on the other. she wears some incredible tattoos, really sexy and unique. jodie is similar, not a witch but great company and has that mischivious glint in her eye. i know we are going to be friends. suddenly a caterer arrives and the food starts to appear, it's incredible and showcased in an elaborate display of art house presentation.
a girl from brazil tells me about the time her and her girlfriend saw prince live. they had both dropped acid and were wearing feathers. obvioulsy dancing their asses off but in melboune they had a seating only policy and soon found themselves surrounded by police and security. the girls were nervous about getting ejected and or being found with vast quantities of drugs and under the influence. they were marched out.
but they were then taken into a section of the venue right down the front and allowed to enter. it was a closed of area where no one could access but they were allowed to, right under prince at the very front of the stage. they danced hard, and were invited to the infamous after show, where prince plays another three hours with his band in a tiny club. i tell her that's a brilliant story and i would wear feathers and drop acid to see prince, we laugh. yeah it's that kind of party, most people are on drugs anyway, me i'm totally straight. a cocktail maker appears, he's making expresso martinis and i have one, it's amazing. just what i need. the music kicks in, funky and punky, from issac hayes to pil. i'm digging it all.
jodie and i make a pact, we will meet up later when everyone has gone and make tea, eat the leftovers and watch stranger things. jo the witch is telling me about her ayahuscia experinces in the puruvian jungle. she knows her stuff, she is the real deal. we talk a little about past lives, and make a pact to catch up when she comes up the coast. 
then ziggy arrives, he's looking great, i have known him for many years since he was a skool kid. i was very good friends with his mum. madame lash. who as chance would have it arrives soon after.
lash and i go back a long way and she literally beams out when she sees me.
i fetch her some food and a drink and sit down for a catch up chat, what, it's been 10 years at least!
we talk about drugs, 5d painting, when we ran the transdimentional political party, when we knew firebrace, she tells me his son is now a massive pop star. we talk about the kirk, we talk hellfire, we talk about some of the wildest parties ever, we talk about painting, writing and books. it's fantastic.
minty and her husband pat join us, minty and i share some wild times and it's really good to see her.
later when i leave she says, 'hey, i love you.'
and the birthday girl, in the naughty corner, everyones high on something, i look at the night, the cold is slightly refreshing. for the first time in years, the warmth of people feels good, everyone in the room shares a uncommon commection, we know one another or we know of one another.
at about 3am i say my goodbyes, there's a lot of hugging, emotional goodbyes. i drive back cutting through the soft night with it's clear skies, the stars guide me all the way home. it's beautiful.

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