Tuesday, July 26, 2022

dinner with nic but i'm fading fast, she's back from melbourne and talking stuff that i can't quite seem to grasp, it's politics, personalities and people and all i want to do is sleep but they bring us delicious food and i struggle to find the energy to speak as i cram some plum sauce down me.  i'm tired and need to sleep, late nights and strange days, burning candles at both ends i am beginning to fade out. we end up in the big bottle shop discussing our drinking preferences, she's more wine and whiskey whereas i personally prefer something more exotic. i end up with some high quality  rum from trinidad, the captains winter drink. 

we move into calm waters, i hang out down the beach at dawn, listening to wave forms breaking from fractal structures, the immense ocean calm at my feet. the sky pristine and clear, the tranquility blue washes through my hair, now long and shoulder length, my amnesiac past long put to rest in these moments of pure joy. i wander along, smiling at the random collection of girls who pass me by, heading towards my coffee shop, the surfer one where the surfer boys hang out brown skinned and filled with talk about trips overseas, exploring waves and riding big ones. 

later i pop in at buddha cafe to talk plants with some moon type girl, we discuss the wonders of the moon plants, she has a nice face, a moon in itself. 

back home i do some pottering around in the garden, i'm blasting kilbey and kennedy, 'glow and fade' an album that seemed to have passed me by. it's catch up time as i play it endlessly on repeat. magnificent vast sound. all i have to do is clear out my garage, lots of junk, lots of lost stuff that needs finding, maybe today, maybe another day.

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