Wednesday, July 20, 2022

dense bass throb of the space engine as we hurdle through time and space, another instalment in the strange adventures of captain mission. you don't have to hold tight but it's advisable, many have gone spiralling out of control at the total weirdness and strangeness i exist within.  yes there have been casualties.  often the spiritually weak, the glamor agents, the egocentric and the stagnated neural network inside that refuses to embrace the chaos of the simulation generator. 
old captain mission now stripped down to lean, mean fighting and loving machine sets the controls for the art of the sun and the heart of the moon. carrying with him the asto-body of lost civilizations, ancient knowledge, forbidden arts,  a momintroll coffee mug and an endless supply of organic high grade weed, planet earths greatest undervalued resource.  
i'm moving fast these days, zipping and zagging (i like zagging) like a sliver surfer riding the cosmic waves and embracing power cosmic. yeah get out the way, climb on board or get of my cloud. 
that throb is the greatest sound in the universe, it's so hard to find, it's often found in steve kilbeys base, sometimes in the breaking waves at the ocean and sometimes you can catch it in the nightscapes but captain mission is in tune, switched all the way up like a mecaline god, riding the face of explosion, the face of the big bang. hang on, it's a wild ride, all the way, from the middle to the edges, there are no limits anymore. it's just bliss. 

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