Wednesday, April 13, 2022

 i wake up and the first thought is buy a lottery ticket, which i didn't and regret, however i have a pile of lottery tickets i have not checked, these date back iterally 4 months so when i get a chance i have to check them. i did have a surprising day. on my way down to terrible beach someone rings me and insists on calling over and taking me out for fish and chips. this individual has asked a few times and i've been reluctant as time is limited and he had covid a few days ago and in the position i am in, can't chance it. plus it looks like a huge big rain cloud hanging low over the central coast.

despite my pleading this person forces themselves upon me, it's a battle of wills and in the end i give way. i dunno, i just run out of steam, i haven't slept, i am in pain and i have to start planning for an adventure.

i go down to terrible and grab breakfast, a few moments of peace as i take in jaz colemans book, it's so rich and interesting but it's epic and requires deep concentration.

then i have to head back to mission control and prepare the day. when they arrive we immediately go to the health food emporium down my street and investigate some products. this person likes supplements and takes a lot, so they stocked up, me i stick with my spirilina. i quite like the blue one, it's more feminine. then we go for the fish and chips, which i have to say are exceptional, even as we eat them down at terrible they are in a sort of bliss state and we actually have a laugh, and suddenly i realise i'm enjoying today. doing nothing. being no one. later we drive around cococabana and avoca as this person wants to buy up here, so we look at some houses. later i give them a little weed and we say goodbye. i do some domestics, watch shameless, eat some protien, skype with friends in brighton and much later take a magnisum bath and then thankfully sleep for 10 hours. the best sleep i have had in a while.

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