Thursday, April 07, 2022

almost finished riding the centipede, a homage to william burroughs in the form of a strange detective story as terrence blake attempts to escape the trauma of his past and alcohol present by solving missing people cases or in this story attempting to. the case has lasted three years and his employer jane teagarden is turing up the heat as she attempts to locate her brother marlon. but marlon is on a quest in the dark frontier, he's riding the centipede and each leg alters him slightly and gets him closer to the goal. and as marlon progresses psychopathic mutation rudolf chernobyl is tuning in and hot on his heels. all the characters are about to catch up with one another.
i am enjoying this book for a number of reasons, it's william burroughs territory, the characters are great, the pace perfect and the debauchery marlon has to endure is both perverse and creative as he passes through each leg, each trail, the algebra of need to get to the ultimate experience.

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