Wednesday, April 27, 2022

as she continues her attempts to hack my facebook account she must be getting awfully frustrated. 'i know what i know,' is her mantra, and yet she knows nothing lest why else attempt hacking me. its funny and sad. kinda pathetic but she never understood karma, she sees it as cause and effect but it's really just cause. the effect is not where it's at. anyway as i wander along the road i understand she is in my wake, another sad person on a strange trip to nowhere but causing grief for innocents, amber heard you are not alone. and you are exposed now for what you are.

i do recall in the early days giving you the most important piece of information which you promptly choose to forget due to your narcissistic requirements to bury anything that reveals you. it was the most simple equation, and i gave it for a reason i would remember in the future. but you forgot it in the past so as you could not remember it in the future. and thus you are undone.

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