Friday, April 29, 2022

 when i first travelled through new mexico i seemed to comprehend the energy here was something that made me feel home, it was difficult to process in an intellectual way as i was quite young but it was comfortable and for the first time i felt like i belonged to this geography. now new mexico is basically desert, and i'm a water man, but the whole feeling that washed over me was one of elevation in peace, body and being. i recall vividly driving into santa fe and loving the vibe, the strange creative output, the laid back harmony, the smell, the taste upon the end on my tongue. my whole self acclimatised immediately, as if i had spend a past life living there in the new mexican landscape. 
i felt the same energy on my travels in a few other places, remote and obscured but none the less, the exact effect was experienced. i relate those points as key energy centres, good places for creativity, magick and spiritual awakenings. 
this morning on my way back from the beach i tune in to a radio show running of a repeat conversation with shirly mclaine. now i know she was a hollywood person who started writing new age type books before anyone else, she was either ridiculed or applauded for her outspoken comments which nowadays are considered very passe, things like reincarnation etc. 
and here she is talking about her dogs and what they have taught her. i'm just about to turn it off when she mentions she lives in new mexico and reveals the state has a high concentration of crystals, which she believes changes consciousness of the people that live in that state. 
i can't say for certain but i am willing to believe she is correct. that place is a really different energy to others, it vibrates and changes people. i felt it. it felt really good but she warns that it can have adverse effects and on some people it can send them crazy. 
i have seem similar effects with people who suscribe to magnetic theory, so someone can be sent slightly crazy by magnets and think they are healed. this type of delusion is very common in spirituality and the new age philosophy. which is why most people should just shut up, keep discrete or silent about these things. if they really have something to say write a book, start a web page or promote their philosophy through a creative conduit rather than preach on street corners. you are the change, so you need to be careful right. thats what they say. personally i don't suscribe to new age thinking, more old age. the new age is just aquarian repackaged piscean knowledge, which in turn is based upon antiquity. it all came from a source, that is long buried and distorted. so all we do is clutch at what we think is truth. i'm sure the truth is much stranger, which is why i like hinduism, its a unbound imagination filled with possibilities and the idea that cosmic forces play out human events that we can never really understand or comprehend. its all imagination, everything so make it beautiful. make it radiate beauty. after all, that's what crystals do.  

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