Monday, September 27, 2021

the greeks, a civilisation that gave us so much that we live in the shadow off, a mighty empire that like all offered light and darkness. 
the greek healers had a oath, they based it on their gods of healing, apollo, asciepius, hygiela, panacea...
over the years there have been variations, subtle changes but in the original it states, 'i will abstain from all intensional wrong doing and harm.'
in the 19th century it became 'practice two things in your dealings with desease, 'either help or do not harm the patient.'
yet the last amendment a few years ago to the oath took out one simple and vastly significant line.
'do no harm' removed.
some say it is to herald the euthanasia movement, and others say it's to counter the hypocrisy, you sometimes have to harm a patient in order to save them, but it is none the less food for thought such a removal comes about just before these covid vaccines. no conspiracy here, just coincidence or is it the other way around? 
by the way, 'do no harm' is an ancient code known amongst witches, decent ones at least who practised the healing arts. 

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